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Website Domain Names

Domain Names Domain names are 21st century real estate in an economy that is being increasingly driven by the Internet sector, as more people and advertisers move online. Especially hot are domains that have anything to do with the property market, travel destinations, hotels and leisure.

Businesses require a memorable domain name for their digital home where clients can find them. Over the years we have secured a porfolio of generic domains, regional networks, and rare three letter domains for future development, ready to be used by our clients or own services.

Internet domain names are red-hot investments. The pace is getting faster. Sales volumes more than doubled over the previous decade. The average growth of domain prices has been in excess of 7% per year over the last 10 years. 4-letter domains rise even faster

Domain Name Sales During recent months, LLLL.com domains (4 letters, for those just joining us) have multiplied in value, 9% growth per annum over the last 10 years. Wholesale traders flip them to China, the upcoming market. 5-letter domains are the next big thing.

Everything of value has to be protected. We provide consultancy on a broad spectrum of web domain issues to diligently defend your intellectual property. Working closely with a large law firm we can also arrange legal representation.